April 7, 2022

Heartwood Real Estate Group closes on $10 million fund

The Austin, Texas-based development group fund will be used to boost land acquisition, pre-development efforts

AUSTIN, Texas (April 6, 2022) Today, Chris Affinito of Heartwood Real Estate Group and Dan O’Dea of Delphi Affordable Housing Group announce they have closed on a $10 million fund with the purpose of capitalizing Heartwood’s land acquisitions and pre-development efforts. 

The Heartwood Fund is the partnership’s first equity fund. It will provide the capital necessary to close all the projects Heartwood currently has under contract as well as future acquisitions.

This news comes on the heels of Heartwood announcing their official launch at the end of February. Affinito leads Heartwood as president and founder, while O’Dea, president of Delphi Affordable Housing Group, serves as Heartwood’s advisor and as lead investor through his family office, DAHG Capital Partners, LLC. 

Heartwood is currently developing two townhome communities, two apartment communities participating in Austin’s Affordability Unlocked program, two mixed-use developments, three single family homes and one residential subdivision, all in the central Austin area. 

About Heartwood Real Estate

Heartwood Real Estate Group develops beautiful, durable multi-family housing, townhome communities and single-family homes with uncompromising quality. The heart of our purpose is to strengthen the neighborhoods you call home while preserving their unique local culture. For more information, please visit https://heartwoodrealestate.co


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