1418 Frontier Valley

1418 Frontier Valley is an apartment community in Riverside that is currently in the Site Development Plan Approval process with the City of Austin. While the zoning for this lot is designated for Mobile Homes, we’re utilizing the “Affordability Unlocked” Development Bonus Program which allows the development of an apartment community. The building will offer 101 apartments, 50% of which will be affordable. This community will include a pool, gym, and it is located near some of Austin’s most beautiful natural areas, including the Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park.

Project Features:

  • Address: 1418 Frontier Valley Dr, Austin, Texas 78741
  • Project Size: 1.68 acres
  • Zoning: MH (mobile home) 
  • Neighborhood: Montopolis
  • Affordability: 50% of Units Affordable at Average of 60% MFI (20% of which at 50% or below MFI)